Whether you are looking for a trainer for yourself or your aging parents, rest assured we have helped someone in a similar situation increase his or her quality of life. We have nearly twenty years of experience working with the senior population aged 65-98! (so far).


Body Physics In-Home Senior Fitness
"I have been working out with Body Physics for approximately 15 years and still able to play Tennis and Golf and feel very good for 83 years of age. I credit much to Tom's twice a week workouts. I would recommend Body Physics very highly."

We work with seniors ranging from very active to those who are slowing down yet looking to lessen the effects of aging and keep their independence. While we all age at different rates, we are all human and eventually go through the stages of aging in a similar order. The trainers from Body Physics have the experience and the skills to aid you or your loved ones with balance and posture exercises; strength, agility and flexibility training; range of motion; enduranc;, lessening of joint pain; or just developing more ease with functional movements used throughout their day. 

Our services are provided in the comfort of the client's own home or apartment. Our senior clients can wear any type of loose fitting clothing they choose along with soft soled shoes. We bring all the necessary equipment. All you need to supply is a positive attitude, a chair (most household chairs work fine as long as they don't have caster wheels), and a small amount of floor space--the amount in an average living room or family room is sufficient.

Body Physics In-Home Senior Fitness StretchingWe will put together a well-rounded program that is customized for the needs of each individual. We work with seniors one to three times per week based on specific needs, motivation, and financial ability. Each session encompasses a full body workout.

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