In-Home Personal Training


  • Once you have completed 20 sessions, your rate will be discounted to $80.00/hr for each additional session.
  • Prepaid packages of 10 sessions are $750 ($75.00/hr) expiring 6 months from date purchased.
  • All sessions are a full 60 minutes.
  • Extra person: $10 per each additional person (cap of 2 additional people for a total of 3 people).
  • Discounts are available for multiple sessions per week.

In-Studio Personal Training


  • Once you have reached 20 sessions, your will be discounted to $60.00/hr for each additional session.
  • Extra person: $10 per additional person (cap of 3 additional people for a total of 4 people).
  • All sessions are a full 60 minutes.
  • Discounts are available for multiple sessions per week.

Online Endurance Coaching

Benefits of a coach include:

  • Objective assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Setting and achieving realistic goals.
  • Removing the doubt from your training regiment. 
  • Motivating you to get out there!
  • Decreasing the chance of injury, overtraining, and underperformance.
  • Teaching systematic training principles.
  • Reaching your personal potential as an athlete.
  • Helping you manage all the variables that go into a successful year of training and racing.
  • Problem solving issues that arise: injury, travel, geography, etc.


Platinum Online Coaching Package: $250/month

  • Custom workout program for the month.
  • Workout reviews and modifications.
  • Nearly unlimited email, text and occasional phone conversations as needed (if the dialogue becomes too much, the trainer will address this issue and a possible surcharge will be added).
  • Bi-monthly scheduled phone conference.
  • One workout facilitated by trainer in person per month. Examples include a track workout; a spinner/trainer interval session; ride or run with client to help with bike handling skills or running form; or technique coaching in the skiing disciplines.
  • Initial interview included.


Gold Online Coaching Package: $150/month

  • Custom workout program for the month.
  • Workout reviews and weekly modifications.
  • Nearly unlimited email, text and occasional additional phone conversations as needed (if the dialogue becomes too much, the trainer will address this issue and a possible surcharge will be added).
  • Initial interview: $50*.


Silver Online Coaching Package: $100/month

  • Custom workout program for the month.
  • Weekly workout reviews with modifications as needed.
  • Regular emails and up to 16 texts per month.
  • Initial interview: $50*.

Bronze Online Coaching Package: $75/month

  • Custom workout program for the month.
  • Email correspondence throughout month driven by client with occasional texting.
  • Initial interview: $50*.


Event Specific Package: $50-300/month

  • Running (Half Marathon, Marathon distances), Cycling (Century distances), Triathlon (Half Ironman, Olympic, and Sprint distances) training packages available as 3-6 month-long plans.
  • Cycle cross/mountain bike pre-season prep.
  • Wedding/special event plans (body scuplting, weight loss, and/or improvement in general fitness goals).
  • Cross country skiing pre-season, in-season, and off-season plans. 

Winter Small Group Package: $50/month per person

  • Enlist 5 or more friends and you'll each get the Bronze Package for $50/month per person!
  • Great for a small group or running club.
  • Many of the workouts can be completed on a treadmill in a gym setting.
  • A minimum three month commtiment is required.
  • Initial interview: $50* per person.


* Initial Interview: $50
In-person or phone interview to discuss fitness goals and current routines. This provides the framework for the trainer to shape an effective plan tailored to your needs and circumstances. A follow-up meeting is typically scheduled once per year (at $50) but may be needed twice a year depending on the circumstances.


Body Composition Assessment: $60

This assessment includes weight, skin caliper measurements, bioelectrical impedance, and girth/circumference measurements. Results are used to determine body fat percentage, lean body mass, BMI, and basal metabolic rate.

Lactate Test: $60

This screening includes either a finger-prick test to measure blood lactate levels during exertion OR a graded exercise test to determine your lactate/ventilatory threshold. This information helps to ensure that you are training within the most appropriate exertion zones and in the most efficient manner.

Flexibility and Functional Movement Assessment: $90

This screening is useful in defining any limits in ranges of motion and indentifying imbalances in each side of the body. The goal of the assessment is discovering areas of the bodywhere there may be a higher probability of injury and then addressing those deficiencies. Functional Movement Screenings allow the trainer to assess for coordination, skill, strength, and control of movements around various joints for further target training. Included in the cost is the development of a customized exercise plan to address the areas of concern.

Cancellation Policy

We have a fairly strict 24 hour cancellation policy. Our schedule is typically set 5-7 days in advance, resulting in many clients being scheduled with a regular weekly time. However, it is important for both the client and trainers to remain flexible. Holidays, vacations, BAD weather are all certain to happen throughout the year. If a conflict arises and the client can give us 24 hour notice, we will not charge for the session even if we cannot fill the lost hour of work. However, if a conflict arises within the 24 hour window prior to a scheduled session, we will charge for the "lost" hour of work. There are some exceptions to this rule, and we do realize that some situations are unavoidable. With less than 24 hour notice, we can seldom fill that hour on such a short notice. If we only had this happen once or twice per year with one client, it would not be a problem. However, with twenty to thirty-five clients each week, a few missed appointments add up to a significant amount of lost time. We strive to keep our services affordable and accessible for all clients and this policy assists us in doing so.

Rescheduling within the same day or even the same week cannot be guaranteed, but is always seriously attempted for cancellations with more than 24 hour notice. Inside the 24 hour window, it is strictly a case-by-case basis. Again, a lost hour is lost and cannot be made up by our trainers, so typically a "rescheduled" session (which was cancelled inside of 24 hours) is charged as an additional session (a charge for the missed appointment, plus the new appointment time).

Communication & Etiquette- This part is simple: we try to communicate in a timely manner and ask you to do the same. For example, if a trainer is aware that bad weather or construction may impede his/her arrival time, they will make every attempt to let you know at least 24 hours in advance so you can plan accordingly (or as soon as they become aware of it). A few times per winter, large snow fall will occur and a trainer will cancel some or all of their clients the day before to avoid being significantly behind schedule or to avoid unsafe driving conditions. We would ask the same communication from our clients with other circumstances. For example, if you have a cold or illness coming-on, a sick child, a late night at work, a tight schedule, etc., we ask that you email or text your trainer in advance (as soon as you know) so that they can plan their day accordingly. Sometimes it may simply mean that they adjust your appointment time a few minutes, but they may ask you to reschedule. Communication early and regularly is key, and most of the time everything works out.

Repeatedly cancelling and/or rescheduling at the last minute can diminish your progress and erode the consistency and momentum that's necessary for reaching your fitness goals.

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