The main focus of post-rehab exercise is getting you back to your best level of fitness after an injury or surgery.


"Following a complete foot reconstruction in November 2010 and a year of physical therapy post-surgery, I wasn’t where I wanted to be physically. I started working with Tom once a week in March 2012 at the recommendation of a friend. When we started I still had pain, stiffness and weakness in my foot, and the rest of my body was compensating in weird ways. With Tom’s expert help over the last year and a half, I have much better function in my foot and the pain is nearly gone, and my overall fitness and balance are at a much higher level. Tom always comes with an individualized plan, but he adapts immediately following his first question, “What do I need to know?” if there are issues. He is knowledgeable and intuitive, has a strong work ethic (never misses a session, never late, and uses every minute of the session efficiently), and sets attainable goals. He’s also a genuinely nice person. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!"

Kristin Ziv

Body Physics Post Rehab Physical Therapy

If you've been released from physical therapy and your doctor or therapist has declared that you can go back to regular activities stating you have officially reached "maximum therapeutic benefit" medically, but you feel like your injured body part isn't quite the same as it used to be, Body Physics can help!

We pick up where physical therapy left off. We will help you continue your recommended exercises and make sure the corresponding body part is just as strong. We also assess your body for any imbalances that may have developed over the years, either to cause your injury or as a result of it. We'll work to get you back to preinjury status, maybe even better!

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