Online coaching allows you to have focus in your ever changing world!

We have been working with people online for almost 10 years now. Each year, technology makes it easier for us to communicate with our clients. We use text, email, phones, and most recently, video coaching and not to forget Garmin Conect and Training peaks software. Our clients can sign-up for a number of different levels of online coaching, many of which will incorporate in-person sessions varying in frequency from weekly to quarterly. We understand that you have a busy life; it is our goal to help you get the most out of your time and workouts. Depending on your chosen package, we write weekly or monthly workout plans and then provide various levels of interaction to help you implement and adjust those plans to your dynamic lifestyle. Within certain parameters, you can choose the days in which to do each workout in a way that best fits your schedule.

Below you'll find a sample explanation of an on-line coaching plan. This plan starts with a basic outline designed to meet the client's goals and needs. Each week the client can fill out what life actually allowed them to do within that framework. In an ideal situation, they would do what we write, but LIFE HAPPENS and we understand! Maybe your work schedule changes, family issues arise, or you have to go out of town. Via email, text, voice mail, or even phone, we will be able to adjust the original plan to meet your goals or come as close to the goal as possible in a way that fits your changing schedule. This could be as simple as changing the rest day or adding/dropping a workout or even combining two workouts. An outside voice, provided by the impartial coach, can help you make the safest adjustment to the schedule for your own good. The coach can also help you readjust the expectations you have for yourself if life begins getting in the way too much to attain your initial goals.

Mary & Hugo
  Week 11 Actual Week 12 Actual Week 13 Actual Week 14 Actual
REST DAY 1   1   1   2  
Hills 4 Miles (8x's hill)   5 Miles (4x long hill)   5 Miles (10x's hill)   6 Miles (5x's long hill)  
Easy 5   5   5   5  
Intervals 4.5 (a)   5 (a)   4 (b)   5 (3 x 1 mile tempo)  
Yoga 1           1  
Bike 1           1  
Strength 1   1   1   1  
Total Miles 25   27   23   33  
Long Run 11.5   12   9   12  
Total Hours                

Hills: We don't just tell you to go run a hill. Having worked in the Chicagoland area for many years, we can often direct you toward great training hills matched with your level of fitness. We'll suggest a specific warm-up, tell you how many hills of what distance to do, tell you how long and how to handle your rest period (walk, light jog, hydrate, etc.), suggest pace based on your past-- knowing that you will become stronger and work toward running the hill with a bit more speed. Often these hills will be a good place for you to judge your fitness and strength increase over the course of the year. We will move you around to two or three hills of various distance and grade every 3-5 weeks throughout the year. In your workout plan, we also recommend a specific cool down like, "jogging back the last mile to the car, then stretch."

Intervals: For one of our clients, a sample interval workout looked like this: "Run 5X1 minute up beat and then jog /walk for 90 seconds recovery between. Jog 5 minutes easy. Repeat the same sequence over again. Your warm up is .3-.5 miles and your cool down is .3-.5 miles running, then a bit more easy walking, and then stretch. This week is only to be 3.5 miles total so you maybe only doing one set."

A interval workout on the track might look like this: "Go to the track and warm-up with ½ mile, then stretch. Do the distance for your interval workout from the chart in the form of alternating fast/slow 100's. This means you run the straightaways at sub 5K pace, and you jog the turns. For instance Mary would be running the straights at sub 8:30  pace and the turns at 12 minute pace. In week 6, this would mean you are running 3.5 miles of fast/slow 100's or 14 laps, plus two easy laps as a warm up and two easy as a cool down."

Another track interval example includes: "Go to the track and warm up jogging a half mile, then stretch. Do 800's (two laps) with a walk in between of 4 minutes for Hugo, 4.5 minutes for Mary. Your paces are Mary-- 10 minute (5 minutes elapsed time for two laps), and Hugo-- 8:40 pace (4:20 for two laps).

Long runs: We'll once again provide a heart rate or pace to tune into and then provide additional advice such as, "Pay attention to good hydration and sports nutrition." We'll chat about various ideas for changing up long runs we go.

Easy runs: These are recovery runs they are for you to go easy. Your coach will monitor easy based on your heart rate and pace.

Generally your coach/trainer will ask you to keep them informed on how things are going twice per week (depending on your chosen package). Many times the trainer may have little or no reply but needs to be kept in the loop so they can adjust things quickly if they see problems arising.


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