Online coaching allows you to have flexibility in your ever-changing world!


While online coaching seems to have become very popular in the last few years, we have been using this training platform for over 10 years. With the development of variety of mediums—from texting and emailing to video coaching to smartphone apps and software that automatically downloads coach-designed workouts to clients’ own training tech tools—there is something to fit everyone’s preferences and comfort level. With the availability of many packages, ranging from occasional client contact and monthly written personalized workouts to unlimited communication and weekly in-person sessions at the studio, fitting a training program into a busy schedule has never been easier. The flexibility that comes from utilizing online coaching ensures that each client’s unique needs are met and the program can be quickly adjusted to accommodate any changes in personal circumstances. This helps the client remain safe and use his/her time wisely and efficiently.  

Online training begins with a comprehensive discussion of client goals, expectations, and current practices. This detailed assessment is then supplemented with several physical evaluations, such as the Functional Movement Screen, in order to paint an accurate picture of the client’s current fitness level. By carefully listening to the client’s needs and taking into consideration the client’s goals, Coach Tom can then help the client choose the most appropriate level of coaching—from a program designed to improve client’s general fitness level to an IronMan-level training.  

While all clients are added to the private Garmin Connect group that offer another level of support, higher level packages also include membership to Training Peaks—a software that allows almost seamless communication and feedback between the coach and the client. Tutorials for utilizing these great resources are scheduled on an annual basis as clinic to ensure clients are taking full advantage of all aspects of online coaching.  

The benefits of online coaching are numerous, even for seasoned self-directed athletes. Clients, who have previously attempted long endurance events on their own, usually see great improvements in their performance—from shaving off significant amount of time in a race to qualifying for Boston after years of missing the cutoff—by working with Coach Tom and following his science-based, no-nonsense advice. In addition, many current and past clients cite Coach Tom’s approach to restoring their life-work-training balance which allowed them to continue on their athletic journeys while still juggling many other responsibilities. In addition, working with Coach Tom can have some unusual “side effects” like increased mental toughness and confidence; enhanced knowledge of body physiology; decreased occurrence of injuries; and improved athletic performance in other areas such as martial arts or even beekeeping! 


Examples of custom designed workouts and data available to Body Physics Online Coaching clients.

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