Body Physics In-Home Personal TrainingThis is how we got started and we remain highly dedicated to this type of personalized service. Whether you have a complete gym or just a bit of floor space in your living room and some equipment, we can make your in-home workouts successful. While we require you to have access to some workout equipment, we are also willing to bring along some of the equipment in order to provide you with a complete workout. Sessions are one hour in length and can be scheduled one to five times per week based on your needs, budget, schedule, and motivation. We will come to your house and guide you through a complete workout that typically includes, but is not limited to:







We start the session with an active warm up to prepare your body for the work out and minimize the risk of any strain or injury. Agility and injury prevention exercises are also added to most workout as are cardio circumstances in some circumstances. All sessions end with 8-12 minutes of trainer assisted stretching and many clients find this to be their favorite part! All our sessions are tailored to fit your needs therefore the particular flow of your session may vary slightly.

Our clients range in age from late-teens to mid-90s. Despite the fact that their workouts may look very different, we believe that, as professionals, we can apply the same sound science to all populations in order to provide safe, challenging, and goal-based workouts for most individuals. We even work with clients living with chronic health conditions, joint replacements, and other unique adaptations. Ask us how we can customize a workout to meet your specific needs.

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