Visit our classes pages for a complete list of upcoming classes.

We offer personal endurance training as well as various group cycling and track workout classes throughout the year that focus on building endurance.



Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you had the time and resources (coach, equipment, knowledge, etc.) to train seriously for a sport or event? Well, this is for you! We can help you train for many events, including:


Century Ride, Multiday Trip, Mountain Bike Race, Cyclocross, Time Trial, etc.


Ultra, Marathon, 5 or 10k


Sprint distance to 140.6 ( Ironman distance)


Birkebeiner ski marathon or other races.

We have different levels of coaching packages available. These range from writing a plan each month, to weekly dialog with a coach, to weekly track and intervals lead by a coach. For more information, look at our price sheet which lists costs and explains the features of each level of coaching. Check out our testimonial page where you can read about our clients' experiences and get an excellent picture of what we are all about.


Cycling classes take place indoors throughout the winter months. We utilize bike spinners with affordable power meters and heart rate monitors . These classes are held twice per week in three, six-week sessions for the more dedicated BUT any level of rider can be dedicated! For those who don't have that level of commitment or free time, we offer weekly drop-in classes. See class schedule for more information.


In the summer, we offer track work-outs on Wednesday nights. Even as group classes, each workout is written for you specifically and one of our staff coaches leads you through the workout. See classes for more info.

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