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2016-2017 Spin Doctor Cyclewerks Indoor Bike Trainer Class

 5-week sessions meeting Tuesday & Thursday
evenings, 6:30-8:00

Session 1: 11/8 - 12/15 Drop in class the week of Thanksgiving ($20 when you show up) No Thursday class Thanksgiving week
Session 2: 1/3 - 2/9
Session 3: 2/13 - 3/23 No class the week of Feb 20-24th


Focus: Participants will gain strength and fitness through instructor led, structured interval workouts. Participants will also gain knowledge about energy production systems and how train for various events. Baseline testing will establish each participant's training zones, and track improvements in fitness. Each class will include: spin drills & warm-up routines, interval workout of varying lengths & intensities, and warm down & stretching. Participants will use their own road bike. Spin Doctor Cyclewerks will provide each participant with a Kinetic Road Machine trainer.

Prerequisites: Program is open to cyclists of all abilities. No previous experience is needed. In order to gain the full benefit of the program participants are required to have a heart rate monitor and power measuring device, i.e. Power Tap wheel or power crank. A economical alternative is available for purchase through Spin Doctor Cyclewerks.

Instructor: Tom Dvoratchek, owner/operator of Body Physics, a company specializing in science based personal training for athletes of all types at all levels. Tom has a degree in Physiology and is an avid sportsman & competitor in cycling, running, XC skiing, kayaking, & others. Tom openly shares his knowledge base with participants and uses real life examples to teach training principles.

Cost: Tuesday and Thursday evenings - Each session, consisting of 10 classes: $210.00.

Bike valet service: $40 per session, includes storage & set-up/tear down (optional)

Kinetic power computer: $70 w/o HR monitor, $125 w/ HR monitor (highly recommended) at a minimum we require a odemeter w/ cadence and speed and a heart rate monitor.(polar, garmin, etc...) email for more details

Trainer Tire: $45(optional)

Sweat Catcher: $20 (optional)


 Wahoo weekend classes are also offered see the link below to the calendar of classes. You must set up an account and pre pay then reserve a spot in the class. There is just 6 seats per class offered. You must also arrive 15 minutes early and warm up te trainer so it is calibrated properly before the workout.


"I've always considered myself a runner. I loved running the mile in grade school and it all continued from there. But never did I consider myself a "marathoner." However, about 18 months ago, I decided I would tackle the dreaded marathon. So I started training and ran my first marathon at Chicago in 2009 in 4 hours and 13 minutes. I thought that was a pretty decent time for what I believed would be my only marathon to check off my bucket list. But something sparked and I wanted to do even better! But how..."

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Jean Wescher

Alpine Runners Track Workouts 2013

Once again, I will be coaching the track workouts for Alpine runners this year. We will meet at Lake Zurich High School at 6:30pm on Wednesday nights starting May 30th thru September 5th. We will not meet July 4th. In the case of lightening or severe storms in the area, the session will be cancelled. There are no refunds or make-up sessions for cancellations due to inclement because we still had to pay the track for that night. (In the past two years this has occurred once or twice per season.) As I have done in the past, I'll ask that each runner answer a handful of questions about their weekly mileage, yearly mileage, marathon, half, 15k, 10k, 5k PR's(personal records). I'm looking for times and splits from the last two years. This will give me solid information to use in putting together a basic pacing chart for each runner. Everyone will have their own workout to run. (The "theme" is typically the same for everyone in the group…ie… 1/4's, 1/2's, miles, 3 minute repeats, etc…) However, the pacing, number of intervals, and recovery time tends to be slightly different from person to person. The larger the group, the more likely you will have someone who is close to you and pacing off of each other is more likely. We will run the warm-ups and cool-downs together,but you are responsible for running the workout on your own at your own pace. I will record your times as you come through, but again, you will need to have a lap watch and hopefully a heart rate monitor. As you give me your split time and your heart rate, I will coach you to slow down, speed up, or keep it up. The heart rate gives us real-time data and helps me better help you! The more data I have the better I can apply my many years of coaching experience to your workout. (If you are on heart medication, you will not be able to use a heart rate monitor. Please email me and let me know if this is the case, and we will address those situations individually).


Who can come?
Any Alpine Runner regardless of mileage or experience, who signs-up, fills out the forms, and pays.

What do I need to bring?
Running clothes & shoes, water, a towel, sport nutrition (sport drinks, gels etc…), a watch with split timing, heart rate monitor, and a good attitude.

How long will the sessions be?
We will start at 6:30pm and will last 1-1.5 hours

How many miles will I run?
You will run .5-1.5 mile warm-up, 1.5-4 miles of "speed," and .5 -1.5 mile cool-down. Total nightly mileage will range from 3 to 9 miles depending on your needs, goals, experience,etc.

Will this be like racing?
NO! These are track WORKOUTS, not track RACES. We will be running at faster speeds than we would normally run, but we will be running under control, with various rest intervals, and various target heart rates. The goal is to help you increase your running speed, lactate threshold, and most importantly, keep you SAFE (un-injured). Track workouts are an increased load, much like increases in total mileage, long runs, and hill running. Your body can only handle limited amounts of increased loads. I'll do my best to keep your track load reasonable. However, you are also cautioned to watch these other load stimuli and avoid rapid increases that will break down your body too much and lead to injury or decreased performance, especially in races.

Why should I do speed or track workouts?
For one, they are fun! But the main reason is that they will help your body learn to run more comfortably at faster paces. Track workouts help increase running strength, economy, and efficiency,all of which will help you improve your race times in distances from 5k to marathon. The hardest thing to remember is that these sessions need to be treated with respect. Too much of this type of workout or working too hard within each workout, adds risk and will increase your likelihood of injury. This can bedifficult to remember when you feel really fast on a beautiful summer night! Remember, SAVE THE RACE FOR THE RACE!


We offer individual and small group lessons with video analysis. We also offer multi day clinics each fall. On snow lessons are offered as the snow cover allows. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

"I am 48 years old and decided that I wanted to learn to XC ski. Tom was referred to me by a friend as someone that could teach proper XC skiing technique. I have been very satisfied with the coaching that Tom has provided. He is able to break down various techniques into separate components allowing me to practice on these individual components - thus improving overall technique. This has allowed me to make far greater progress than had I pushed forward on my own..."

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Mike Kalstrup



Bike handling classes are offered for individual's and small group's. We offer mountain bike single track classes, road and cycle cross bike handling along with basic classes for those who just are looking for more confidience and a safer experience when riding on the praire path and around your neighborhood. Please email us for more information.


We offer small group and club seminars on race strategies and how to plan your year of training. Please email us for more information.

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