Body Composition Assessment

This assessment ncludes weight, skin caliper measurements, bioelectrical impedance, and girth/circumference measurements. Results are used to determine body fat percentage, lean body mass, BMI, and basal metabolic rate.


Lactate Test

This screening includes either a finger-prick test to measure blood lactate levels during exertion OR a graded exercise test to determine your lactate/ventilatory threshold. This information helps to ensure that you are training within the most appropriate exertion zones and in the most efficient manner.


Flexibility and Functional Movement Assessment

This screening is useful in defining any limits in ranges of motion and indentifying imbalances in each side of the body. The goal of the assessment is discovering areas of the body where there may be a higher probability of injury and then addressing those deficiencies. Functional Movement Screenings allow the trainer to assess for coordination, skill, strength, and control of movements around various joints for further target training. Included in the cost is the development of a customized exercise plan to address the areas of concern.




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