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Do you Log?

Logging your

How do you compare what you did last week, last month, and
last year, for that matter 5 or ten years ago? How do you know what it took to
achieve those goals? How do you adjust your plan? How do you know what you
weighed? How many days a week did you run? What was the winter temps? What were
the summer temps? What was work like? Did you cross train?

These are just some of the questions that a log book can
answer. If you had that perfect race, don’t you want to recreate it? What if you
got injured…wouldn’t it be nice to go back and see what things might have
contributed to it or lead up to it?

I’m a huge fan of the old fashion hand written hard copy log
book. I’ve tried the newer electronic logs they certainly have their pluses.
But with the constant changes in technology I doubt that any electronic log
would have or will be able to with stand the test of 20-30 years like my paper

Do you log? For more information email us. I’ll be doing
some blogging on the topic as the New Year approaches and possibly even
producing a DVD or holding a logging webinar or seminar. Let us know if you are
interested in learning more. Tell us about your logs and logging stories. What
is your favorite log?


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