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Garmin 910 XT



The Garmin 910 XT is one of the best heart rate monitors of the current day. I have now used it for close to six months. previously I had been using the Garmin 305. I have also used polar and timex GPS heart rate monitors. The 910 XT is water proof, it works well for running, cycling and cross country skiing. Like most monitors it has speed, distance, heart rate, etc... but this model also allows me to count my swimming laps in an indoor pool! How cool is that? It also allows me to compare the number of strokes per length! Okay enough of the swimming hype... it is just down right sweet in the pool! It also has a ant+ feature which allows me to weigh in each morning by just pushing a button and it syncs with my Tanita BC 1000 scale. It will take my weight, body comp., and hydration levels all with a click of the button. The only down side is it doesn't allow for multiple weigh ins per day. (Something that is quite helpful for people doing a lot of training to see if they are rehydrating properly after a run). For more information look for my next blog on the Garmin 910 XT or email me for more information.


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