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Do you have the right right equipment when you travel?

Do you have the right
equipment when you travel?

I get questioned regularly... " What do I need to get a good workout in on
the road?" The answer is you don't need a ton but having a few well
thought out pieces of travel equipment can really help. Although many hotels/
motels have weight rooms many times it takes a bit of extra effort to make a
plan as to what you can do with what equipment they have. Not knowing exactly
what they are going to have and many times you having limited time it can get
complicated. You are already preoccupied by your travel and business. So you
seldom have any extra time and energy to think about what to do and how much. I
have found sending my clients with a “simple” routine using predetermined
equipment in their own room can be just what they need. They can save the
exercise room for a cardio workout. Many times we have also spelled out their
cardio routine for them too, or even better they can head out the door for a
walk or run and use their time to clear their head and digest the days
meetings. Above is a picture of travel equipment I'm picking up for clients.
Feel free to email us for more information on how we design a simple exercise
routine for your travel needs.





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