About Body Physics

Coach Tom Dvoratchek is the owner of Body Physics. He is degreed and certified. Tom has owned Body Physics since 1995. He has coached many endurance sport athletes and worked with adults of all ages to achieve there fitness goals. He has special emphasis on Post-rehab exercises. After spending many years coaching High School and College athletics in his afternoons and evenings Tom made a switch and added a studio in the Basement of Spin Doctor Cyclewerks in the spring of 2011 to compliment the science based winter cycling class he already taught in the store.


"While I don't use him personally, the person that does is very near and dear to my heart... and nearly 2 1/2 years ago, this person had given up and didn't want to exercise or do anything but sit in a chair and Tom got him to get back into his swimming pool 4-5 times a week and today he's still swimming! Tom is a great motivator, coach, trainer and good guy that I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to improve themselves!"

- Sandy

"Tom has been my trainer for 9 years. He is very professional and very dedicated to what he does. Me & my husband workout every Monday for 1 hour. The workout is always different, very intense but the hour goes very fast. In 2005 we decide to do the Chicago Marathon and Tom did all our training. The result was excellent, and we have to thank you Tom! Now I'm training for triathlon and of course Tom is my trainer. I'm very fortune to have Tom as a trainer!"

- Cecelia.

"My wife and I have used Body Physics for many years. Tom is a pro and very talented. We use him twice a week each (4 sessions) when we are not traveling. We began using Body Physics after receiving sessions as a gift from longtime friends. It was a surprise and a gift that continues to play a central role in our lives. We would recommend Tom without reservation. He is a trainer-coach and multi-dimensional. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Tom in our lives."

- Fred B.

" Tom Dvoratchek from Body Physics has been working with both my wife and me 1 or 2 times a week for 10 years..Tom works very both very efficiently and effectively on pushing the right buttons, in the appropriate manner in order to get the best results. I find Tom always on time...willing to alter his schedule, if possible, for my travel schedule and all business when he arrives. Tom has been great in keeping me in great shape since my retirement from professional sports. "

- John M.

"I have been training with Tom from Body Physics for almost 2 years. He is a really gifted coach and trainer, and is excellent at understanding his client’s goals and abilities. He has helped me improve my Nordic ski technique significantly by developing and improving my strength, technique, stamina and race tactics. What I appreciate most is Tom's practical advice and style.I always walk away from my sessions proud of what I have accomplished."

- Barry.
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